I design edgy, unique, eco-friendly fashion accessories that will set you apart from the crowd. I aim to create beautiful things that help you express yourself without causing harm to the earth or humankind.

Fashion, caring about the environment and being kind to others are all carved into my palm’s heartlines. I purchase old leather garments, fabric and jewelry from charity thrift stores and flea markets. I take them apart and re-use the materials to make one of a kind handbags and jewelry.

Even though my husband and I have moved from coast to coast and back again, you can still hear a little bit of a Minnesotan accent escape from between my gap teeth. I love to laugh, roller skate, and I wanna dance as much as possible. I devour music like Cookie Monster devours cookies (funnily, I devour cookies like Cookie Monster’s cousin Cookie Fanatic – less rapidly, but with just as much gusto). I love my family and I want to make my parents proud of the person I am.

Fashion From the Ashes

I grew up in Minnesota watching MTV and Friday Night Videos wanting to have as much fun with my wardrobe as my idols did. Almost every year of my childhood I was a “Rock Star” for Halloween. During my teenage years I really got into thrift shopping and spent every weekend with my Mom at thrift stores. I loved that there was no chance anyone else would be wearing the same thing as me.

After graduating from FIT in fashion design I knew that designing for mass production did not interest me. I wanted to be somewhere in between an artist and a fashion designer with knowledge and control over how others and the environment were treated in creating my designs. I started my company in 2005 with the goal of using primarily vintage materials for unique, one of a kind accessories.

Together we can do our part in making responsible decisions affecting the earth and humankind and look amazing doing it! I truly hope you love my Fashion from the Ashes as much as I love making them!

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