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My newest design: the Muff Purse. I have been working on this design since last fall and finally came up with a construction and aesthetic that I love.

Muff Purse Muff Purse Muff Purse

The exterior is leather or suede with a cellphone and keys pocket in the front and a zippered purse that runs the length of the muff. The interior of the muff is either faux fur or men’s wear tweed to keep your hands warm.

Muff Purse Muff Purse Muff Purse

I like to wear mine slung to the side and bring it to the front when I want to keep my hands warm. It is perfect for waiting in line, talking with a friend on the street, picking out a Christmas tree or sitting in the bleachers at a football game.

As with all of my handbags, no two are alike. The shape of each is influenced by the piece of re-purposed leather I am using.

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