It’s off the Chain Belts! Charmed I’m Sure

It’s off the Chain Belts! Charmed I’m Sure

Chain Belts made from repurposed and vintage materials.

As many of you know I sell chain belts in my vintage shop so I told my Moms to keep an eye out for them. And oh man did they deliver. My Mother-in-Law brought boxes of chain belts from auctions from the mid-west. Some were vintage but then some were newer so I was unable to list them in my vintage shop as is. To list something on Etsy the item has to either be vintage, handmade or repurposed.

I also may already know that I have a hoarding problem. There are so many great supplies that I come across and my moms come across that inspire me but I don’t have the time to do ALL the things. So I have slowly been amassing quite a collection of charms as well.

I started to play around with the idea of charm jewelry but it didn’t get me really excited and you have to have that excitement to end up with a good design, especially when you are making one of a kind pieces. Your heart has to be in it each time. Then I started to think about the mass of chain belts my Moms have collected over the last 10 years that were pre-owned but not necessarily vintage. Since I could not list them in my vintage shop I had been squirreling them away in my studio. Now the charm chain belt has been born.

I used to be the bag lady but recently with my attention being focused on vintage I have become the belt lady. I hope you find the perfect one for you – one that reminds you of your Grandma or your Mom’s favorite brooch when you were little or just speaks to your soul.

Happy shopping!

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