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“Just like every other woman, I own a hodgepodge collection of purses and clutches for the occasions when I strap on my sexiest heels and hit the streets. However, those bags are gonna get pretty dusty on that closet shelf, because I have found my PERFECT clutch and need no other! Megan Leone’s Leather Clutch with Rainbow Sequins is a splendid combination of classic shape and versatility blended with unexpected artistic details. The clutch is easy to hold- I find larger sizes difficult to grasp all night- and the leather is high quality and soft to the touch. I LOVE the bright splash of blue fabric on the inside- it’s like a fun little secret. My favorite element is the diagonal mesh enclosure with the multicolored sequins on the front. The sequins shift and catch the light every time I move and the mesh adds an appealing edgy, bad-girl vibe, which makes it stand out from my other bags. This clutch works in both casual and formal settings- it’s sashayed with me on the dance floor and even walked the red carpet at the Emmys. I can’t recommend this clutch enough- get ready to donate all your other purses!” – Bobbie Ferguson

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