Sourcing Materials in the Midwest

Sourcing Materials in the Midwest

I am enjoying my vacation/fabric sourcing trip in Minnesota and South Dakota. While visiting family and friends I am finding fantastic vintage materials, bracelets, and jewelry to take apart and reconstruct

After spending several days with family we headed to Western South Dakota for one of my closest friend‘s wedding celebration. Visiting the Black Hills is always relaxing and beautiful! Had to, of course, stop at Wall Drug on the way. If any of you have traveled Interstate 90 across South Dakota you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t, South Dakota is a beautiful wide open state with miles and miles of sky and farm land. The openness allows your mind to daydream endlessly. Clever billboards for Wall Drug are posted the entire stretch of South Dakota (among other places). You can’t miss them with the otherwise open space. The depression of the early 1930s was difficult for Wall Drug. They put up a few billboards offering free ice water for travelers. This simple act of desperation turned out to be a stroke of marketing genius. Today they are one of the top tourist destinations in the state and still offer free ice water and coffee for only a nickel. If you would like to learn more visit

Happy October everyone! Excited to get back to work next week with new designs and new materials to create my favorite season’s accessories.

Wall Drug Sign Wall Drug Coffee

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