I Heart Indie Crafts

I Heart Indie Crafts

Megan Leone Designs will be represented at I Heart Indie Crafts this weekend at Lake Street Bar & Nightclub in Kirkland, Sunday March 7th from 12-4pm.

I Heart Indie Crafts is organized by the I Heart Rummage team. I Heart Rummage in Seattle was one of my first steps in starting my own company. After attending IHR and seeing all the designers selling their designs straight to the customer, I knew it was for me. I could create my own designs beginning to end and talk directly to people that loved them as much as I did. I would often have customers come up to me and say they loved the bracelet purse they bought from me months ago. As they would describe the fabric I remembered the purse and often remember the exchange we had that day. We were sharing a fragment of our lives together and whether they realized it or not they were making a big and wonderful impact on my life.

My husband and I have since moved to Massachusetts and I can no longer attend this awesome venue myself. My sales representative Drea (who by the way is super cool!) from Seva Sustainable Concepts mentioned representing me. I was thrilled! It’s where my roots are and it makes me happy to know I will still be involved. So if you are in the Seattle area attending IHIC and you see my designs please say hi to Drea!

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