Zipper Rosette App

Zipper Rosette App

My newest design, the Zipper Rosette App is an application you can use on several of your accessories. On the back of each is an elastic band which can be slipped over everything from a belt, headband, wrist cuff, or ribbon to be tied around a hat or around the neck to create a bib necklace.

I have been creating Zipper Rosette headpieces, belts, etc and I thought how wonderful it would be to create all of them in one. Then I was trying to come up with a name, I wanted to name it something clever. I decided to do a play on words and name it an App. It may not be as technically savy as an Iphone App but definitely fashion savy. Each are one of a kind and handcrafted by me.

Zipper Rosette App as Bib Necklace Zipper Rosette App on Hat Zipper Rosette App on Belt

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