My Red Balloon

My Red Balloon

Today I had my own Red Balloon experience. I am a bit of a romantic. If you too enjoy the simple things in life and like a little romance, please read on.

I opened my door to get the mail. I left the inside door ajar while I held the screen door with one hand and reached into the mail box with the other. As I turned back around I saw a single red balloon inching along the wall of the house, riding low as if it were crawling. I stood there and watched it slowly guide itself in the door and into my kitchen. Logically, I know that the heat from the house is why the balloon was guided in, but even so it had to get up on our deck first. So, I prefer to focus on the fact that it is my birthday this weekend and would like to think the universe was giving me a little wink and a “Happy Birthday”.

My Red Balloon The Red Balloon

If you have had your own Red Balloon moment, please share it with me on my facebook page. And if you have not seen The Red Balloon before, you are in for a real treat. I wouldn’t doubt that your local library has a copy.

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