make/do tuesday: faux fur vest

make/do tuesday: faux fur vest

Faux Fur Vest Profile of Faux Fur Vest close up of Faux Fur Vest

One of my new year’s/birthday resolutions is taking time each week to make something for myself.

As anyone else who runs a small business knows, your business consumes a lot of your time. I have disciplined myself for years to be a business woman. It’s not my natural state of mind, I have to work at it. The creativity and designing has always been part of me. Unfortunately I have focused on the business side so much that it has been taking over.

I was so excited to see that Jena of Modish Blog had made the same resolution. She has committed to making a weekly post about her projects and invited others to do the same, then meet up on her blog each week to share our creations.

This week I made myself a dramatic faux fur vest. I love drama at the neckline and loved how it turned out! If you would like to make your own faux fur vest here is a video I found online that has a simplified version without a lining.

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