Liz Lord

Liz Lord

One of my closest friends recently told me that her co-worker Liz has been diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor. Being around the same age as Liz, it made me analyze how I would handle that type of news and what that would mean to me and all the people in my life. Liz is taking the news extremely gracefully but could use some help with medical expenses.

Through the month of June, 25% of all sales made in my online store will go to Liz.

If you don’t find something in my store and would like to help Liz out, money is also being raised at Chip In where you can make a cash donation.

And finally if you are in the Portland, OR area: Liz’s employer, CIP Marketing Corporation, will be holding a fundraising party/benefit in Liz’s honor this Friday, May 13th in Portland, OR. To be added to the email invite list, please send a request to They will be conducting a raffle and silent auction with tons of fabulous goodies and treasures including a couple Megan Leone accessories. You are welcome to go enjoy their sunny balconies, BBQ, a beer and plenty of good company and good vibes.

Thank you for your help and support! – Megan Leone

Liz Lord’s story:

Liz Lord

My story goes like this: I had been throwing up for 2 months and thought I had some gallbladder issue so ran hundreds of dollars worth of tests with no answers. I went to a regular western doctor & he asked me 2 hours worth of questions only to give me anti anxiety meds. Next step I went to a Naturopath that gave me IVs to keep me hydrated with vitamins and nourishment. Middle of March I went with my sis to her fiancé’s mom’s house to get plugged into a machine which shows where your body’s frequencies are. On the way back I went into acute delirium & lost 3 days, they took me to Oregon Health and Science University right away & I was in ICU for a week. I’ve been diagnosed with a cancerous Glioblastoma Stage 4 brain tumor. The tumor is inoperable & incurable but doctors are hoping to control tumor growth thru radiation/chemo.

I grew up in Costa Mesa, went to Mariners/Ensign/ and graduated from Newport Harbor High in 2002. I played volleyball @ NHHS and was given a full ride to University of Portland where I graduated with honors as an Organizational Communication major w/ specialty in PR in 2006. After graduating I started as an intern & am now account marketing manager for an awesome company called CIP Marketing. We do retail services for Adidas, Icebreaker, Taylormade, as well as shop planning etc..

I’m 27 live in Portland with my boyfriend Casey & roomies Mark & Nick

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