A Diverse Palette

A Diverse Palette

I will never forget the day I wore a pink handkerchief cowboy style, fastened at the neck with one of my teapot hair ties to school (3rd grade). I had transformed my look into something I knew no one else would be wearing. It didn’t take more than 15 minutes for my classmate Amy to walk up to me, start laughing and say sarcastically “what did you join the boy scouts?”. It crushed me but I didn’t give her the satisfaction. When I got home, I told my Dad hoping for some empathy. He couldn’t help but chuckle at the girl’s cleverness. Once he realized how much it meant to me, he hugged me up and reassured me that it was very creative of me and to not let that stop me. And thankfully it hasn’t.

If only back then I knew about Bill Cunningham’s corner of the world. I would have known I wasn’t alone. Bill Cunningham New York the movie is a must see and own! Bill’s wisdom and outlook on fashion is a breath of fresh air. To get a taste of what Bill is all about check out some of the great videos on The New York Times’ website.

Hanna Bill Cunningham

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