Barry Craig of Obol

Barry Craig of Obol

Today I would like to introduce all of you to Barry Craig, a triple threat. A talented Graphic Designer (designed my logo), leader of the band Obol and a champion of awkward moments. I asked Barry how their latest songs have been going, he had this to say: “We’re evolving them along nicely. I think they’ve got a neat, unique sound. Fun and bouncy, dark and bittersweet, a nice mix of silly and serious. I’m going for a “heavy Beck” at this point. Weirdness = good.” Check them out for yourself Obol – Ugly music for beautiful children. In addition to Barry’s music talent, he is an artist and graphic designer and is truly a pleasure to work with. He quickly gets what you want before you realize it yourself. You can check out his mad skills here: Page 3 Designs.

Barry Craig of Obol at the High Dive in Seattle (wearing the custom guitar strap I made).

Barry Craig of Obol Barry Craig of Obol

Photographs copyright © 2011 Rachel Sekely

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