A Great Start to the Week

A Great Start to the Week

This week has started off great! Today I was busy cutting Leather Wrist Cuff Handbags. I came across my original sketches this weekend, and in my notes this handbag was originally named Venus Fly Trap. I may have to use that name in the future. My final decision was to use a more practical name so that one would hopefully notice that the front detail is not only beautiful, but also for your hand to slip into.

As you can see in the photo, I have a huge stack to my left of beautiful recycled leathers to cut. Can’t wait to see these handbags in that blue and mustard yellow!

I hope your week has also started off great!


Megan Leone cutting Leather Wrist Cuff Handbags Megan Leone Leather Wrist Cuff Handbag Lion's Head

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