The Jayhawks & RayLand Baxter

On Tuesday night my husband and I saw The Jayhawks and RayLand Baxter perform at The Paradise.The Jayhawks are one of my husband’s favorite bands and has been since the 90s. I had heard their big hits but never owned an album. Now they are our Sunday morning’s go to band. Their music feels like home. I don’t know if that has anything to do with them being from Minnesota, but something about their music makes me want to get in the car and drive along an old country road with the breeze in my hair.

We had never heard RayLand Baxter before that night. Falling in love with a musical artist or band for the first time at a live performance is the best. It is so personal, you get a sense of the person and the energy they exude. RayLand’s last song of the set was so beautiful I could not hold back the tears streaming down my face. I decided to not fight it to avoid crazy crying face. Luckily everyone is facing the same direction so the only person that was on to me was my husband. We saw RayLand after the concert, I told him how much his last song touched me. He was super cool and laid back. Five minutes into the conversation he asked us our names, I said “Megan, what’s yours” ha! RayLand was so sweet and just answered back genuinely as my husband laughed :). Oh yeah, you were just up on the stage and I now own your album. 😉


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