New York City Trip

New York City Trip

My husband and I just got back from a fabulous trip to New York City, I thought I would share a few photos.

New York City Rick Owen's 2008 Bat Wing Jacket and Skirt

The image on the right is Rick Owen’s Fall 2008 Bat Wing Jacket and Skirt on display at my alma mater, Fashion Institute of Technology. Currently there are three different exhibits: Fashion A-Z highlights from the museum’s collection, IMPACT 50 years of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and YOUTHQUAKE. From all of them this Rick Owen’s jacket was by far the most exciting garment to see in person! FIT museum is free to the public, so make sure to stop on your next trip.

Bill Cunningham at work Window Shopping Street Fashion

When we first arrived to the city I told my husband the one celebrity sighting I hoped for was Bill Cunningham and my dream came true! Shortly after my husband snapped this picture I started to wave like a crazed lady, Bill looked at us in confusion at first and then realized he did not personally know us and then waved back. Love you Bill! If you haven’t seen his column or documentary make sure to do so immediately!

Central Park Central Park Central Park

We had gorgeous weather to take advantage of Central Park several times. We sat and watched Bubble Man which is so relaxing! The little girl in the center photo with the giant bubble had it down immediately and made it look effortless. The pic on the right is me on the famous Bow Bridge with the famous Dakota Building in the background.

Time Square Wishes Time Square Wishes Time Square Wishes

Time Square Wishes Time Square Wishes Time Square Wishes

Time Square Wishes Time Square Wishes Time Square Wishes

While we were sitting on the huge step/seats in Time Square I noticed an Information Center/Museum. It’s free so we wandered in and were delightfully surprised by the Wishing Wall. They have a large container of 2013’s New Year’s Eve confetti that you can write your wish on. At the stroke of midnight your wish will be sent into the air to celebrate the New Year in Time Square. On the Dream Wall they have pinned some of last years wishes collected after the festivities. Some will make you cry and some will make you laugh. One thing is for certain, I Love this Town!

Lego Sign Lego Sign closer up The Men of Lego

I just had to include these pics I took of the Lego store’s sign. It was at the back of the store and it intrigued me to figure out what it was made of.

Union Square Tour Me at the Union Square Tour Madison Square Tour

When we lived and went to school in NYC we never took advantage of all the free walking tours that take place in the city. These tours were mixed with tourists, people that had lived in NY at one time and people that have lived in NYC their entire lives. We were impressed with the amount of information squeezed into each of them. My favorite discovery was the meaning behind the ever changing LED numbers on the south end of Union Square Park (pictured on the left). It is called the Metronome which is a large art installation that is an investigation into the nature of time done by Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel. The digital LED numbers are a clock. The left seven numbers are the current military time and the last seven digits are the hours, minutes, and seconds that remain in the day. If you also notice on the far right there is a gold and black ball, this shows the current moon phase.

Zeigfeld Theater Zeigfeld Theater Zeigfeld Theater's Classy Bathrooms

We went to see Hunger Games at the famous Zeigfeld Theater. And yes, I took a picture of the bathrooms. When I first walked in I wondered why the sink was in a bathroom stall then I realized they all have their own sink…that’s class.

Volcano Roll at Kobeyaki Upright Citizens Brigade Guggenheim

How could I not mention the food! Chris and I used the New York Magazine cheap eats guide and found some really great local, delicious places. When we were in a hurry to grab something after the FIT museum we went across the street to Kobeyaki and I became obsessed! Their tuna burger with wasabi mayo and salmon volcano roll are the best!!! The other two photos: we caught a show at the Urban Citizens Brigade which was of course excellent and the last photo is Chris and I taking advantage of Guggenheim’s pwyw night.

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