Dreaming of Florence wearing Megan Leone

Dreaming of Florence wearing Megan Leone

Yesterday my husband and I made a day trip to NYC. We had a great day but the highlight was seeing Florence + The Machine on David Letterman. Before the show we were hanging around the area and I saw Robert Ackroyd, the lead guitarist of Florence + the Machine. He could not have been nicer when I asked if he could give something to Florence for me. I asked politely and he said sure, “who should I say it’s from, love?”.

Robert AckroydFlorence WelchMegan Leone Ford Fringe Necklace

I can’t stop fantasizing about Florence wearing my necklace out on the town! Her music is all consuming and is a huge inspiration to me. If you see an image of her with my necklace please send me the link so I can immediately start screaming, crying and then pass out from excitement.

This new Ford Fringe Necklace will be available soon in my online shop. If you would like to be contacted when it is available, please click here and leave a message.


images: fender.com & florenceandthemachine.net

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