Dark Shadows at the Drive-In

Dark Shadows at the Drive-In

This weekend my husband and I went to the Mendon Twin Drive-In to see Dark Shadows. As to be expected from Tim Burton, it had amazing sets, fabulous costumes, great humor and a great story. In preparation for the movie my husband picked up Dark Shadows (the gothic soap opera from the late 60s) from the library (which I highly recommend). We were pleased to see the original story and original quotes included in the movie. In my opinion, it was a fabulous reinterpretation.

Equally exciting was the new digital projection at the drive-in. Unfortunately the change to digital has left a lot of amazing smaller theaters unable to afford the new equipment. The death of film reels is sad, but I can’t help but be excited with the crisp, clear picture for the drive-ins. If you have experienced drive-ins, you know that the slightest light from a car, starting the film too early before dusk or even light pollution makes the details very hard to see. I was delighted to see Tim Burton’s incredibly detailed movie so vividly on the big drive-in screen.

Mendon Twin Drive-In Mendon Twin Drive-In

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