Now available at PMCA gift shop!

Now available at PMCA gift shop!

I am so very excited to announce that a selection of Megan Leone accessories are now available at the Pasadena Museum of California Art gift shop!

Pasadena Museum of California Art I felt a gravitational pull to the museum as soon as we moved here and I became a member within the first month. Recently, I attended Los Angeles artist Jessica Rath’s take me to the apple breeder insight talk. Not only did I learn about Jessica’s journey but also learned some fascinating facts. For instance, did you know that every seed in a single apple will make an entirely different apple tree with different tasting fruit? That is why the job of the apple breeder is crucial for you to get your favorite apple variety at the market. One of the three apple breeders in the U.S. was present at the talk making the experience even more unique. There was only a small crowd there, which is a shame because of all the wonderful insight we walked away with.Pasadena Museum of California Art

The museum generally houses three to four different exhibits at a time. In the short time I have been a member, I have seen a wide array of mediums and subjects ranging from Mapuche tribal traditional woven blankets with QR code motifs to California scenic paintings from the 1930s. I highly recommend becoming a member and taking advantage of their continuous rotation of inspiring, thought provoking and beautiful exhibits. For museum info, visit PMCA online. And while you are there, please make sure to check out the selection of Megan Leone accessories in the museum shop.

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