New Design: Hoop and Feather Earrings

New Design: Hoop and Feather Earrings

?The Inspiration: ? A close friend of mine, Jody Norene gave me some of her old jewelry. She has the coolest personal style (a free spirit with a style similar to Stevie Nicks) and I cherished having something of hers to wear. There were three earrings that did not have their matching set. I took their parts and created one earring. I wear this earring with one of my leather feather earrings. I get so many compliments when I wear them that I decided to duplicate the design for my collection.

Megan Leone Abstract Tribal Jewelry

Eco-Friendly: They are each one of a kind and handmade using found objects and re-purposed leather. The only new/unused parts are the earrings posts that are either surgical steel or gold plated brass.

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