Small Bar, Mr Little Jeans and Sego

Small Bar, Mr Little Jeans and Sego

A couple weeks ago my husband Chris and I went to see Mr Little Jeans in concert at Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara. Velvet Jones is a small narrow bar with a stage at the back. These are the best concert venues in my opinion. Unless you can afford to always get the front row at a stadium show, the smaller clubs are where it’s at.

Monica (Mr Little Jeans) is from Norway, her Mom also from Norway was there to see her perform for the first time. When this was mentioned during the performance, a girl in the crowd suggested to Monica that everyone in the audience should make a tunnel for her Mom to go through and up on to the stage. And Monica said, yeah okay we could do that. It got a little awkward when they were trying to lift Mom up  and over the wall barrier in front of the stage but thankfully Mom didn’t bail and they had a beautiful moment up on stage together. Try and get that type of experience at the Staples Center!

Chris and I heard Mr Little Jeans for the first time last summer on the Santa Monica Pier. We were hooked within one song. Her lyrics are beautiful and the music is magical. Don’t just take my word for it, here is one of my favorite songs of hers’: Oh Sailor

Opening for Mr Little Jeans was Sego, an LA band that we heard for the first time that night. They started out with a sound check that took comically long. I got to admit I started to worry about what we were in for. I think the 2nd bourbon and standing in the front row right on top of them magnified this for me a bit. But as soon as they started their first song, my concern and judgement melted away. This song in particular hit me hard: Engineer Amnesia

Who have you recently seen at a little dive?

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