Think Pink This October

Think Pink This October

For the month of October, I am pleased to be donating 50% of the retail price of selected bracelet purses to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I have been reading many articles about survivors and can’t believe what these women deal with. One of the most personal articles was about a young woman that was having a hard time fitting into her old clothes after her surgery. I know how self-conscious I can get when I have gained a little weight and don’t feel as great in my favorite jeans. That is a relatively easy fix – work out and skip the dessert. Loosing a breast is not an easy fix. It takes a lot of funds and requires surgery or purchasing expensive silicone prosthesis that will never feel the same as your own body. I admire the women that have not let it get the best of them!

I decided on Susan G. Komen because not only does the organization spread education, provide breast exams for women who can not afford them, help women with their medical bills, and help support survivors mentally, it also dedicates a portion of its funds to finding a cure.

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