At the Movies: Hanna

At the Movies: Hanna

My husband and I went to the movie Hanna last night at our local 2nd run theater. If you have not seen this movie and don’t mind violence and a lot of suspense, I recommend you see it. The soundtrack by The Chemical Brothers was amazing! The combination of the music and¬†action made me feel much like what I assume my nephews feel after watching their action cartoons. There were a few high kicks thrown, just for fun of course.


Hanna’s forest wardrobe is something to aspire to this fall. The raw leather strapped around her boots and the raw edged furs were absolutely beautiful in their simplicity. I of course will not be skinning an animal or paying someone else to, but I plan to achieve something similar with re-purposed leather and fur.

What did you think of the movie? Hop on over to my Facebook Page and tell me what you thought of the costume design and soundtrack.

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