Diehard Fan

Diehard Fan

Recently a customer re-ordered a pair of my Leather Feather Earrings online. Concerned that something went wrong with the first pair, I wrote to her asking if everything was okay with the original earrings.

Leather Feather Earrings Leather Feather Earrings Leather Feather Earrings

She wrote back: “I want you to know that one of my original earrings blew out of the window on a road trip recently, and not only did I get on my iphone immediately to buy these to replace them, I also bought a cheap set of earrings at the next gift shop to scavenge the hooks, then split my other earring into two and wore them the rest of my trip. I am a diehard fan. Thanks! -Amy”

Atlas Bangle Bracelet Hardman Oregon V (on the road) Montana at 90

When I emailed Amy to see if I could include her story on my blog, she told me that after they arrived in California her boyfriend found the earring in his truck’s flatbed. High five Amy’s boyfriend!

The Road to Happiness Whitewall Shut Up and Drive

All of the above “road trip” items are available on Etsy. Just click on an image to head to the artists’ shop.

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