sfs-yeti-huh   sfs-yeti-inthehand-with-ml-jett-handbag

uugghh                                                                      me see

sfs-yeti-fishoffer-ml-jett-handbag   sfs-yeti-silly-with-ml-jett-handbag

uugghh edgy cool                                                    mine now, Yeti’s edgy bag


me fierce now!


I had a little fun with Photoshop and the Horror Host movie I am airing on Pasadena Media’s Arroyo Channel this evening, YETI – Giant of the 20th Century. I hope this story line lives up to it’s awful awesome special affects! Make sure to tune in. It airs at midnight PT tonight and Sunday night on The Arroyo Channel in Pasadena, CA channels: Charter 32, AT&T 99 or online at 

Yeti’s handbag & earrings in the above photo shoot can all be purchased in my shop 😉

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