It’s Bolo Week!

It’s Bolo Week!

I went to a rodeo last weekend and charmed all the bolos off of all the cowboys 😉 Not really, I went hunting in AZ for the most gorgeous bolos I could find for you. I have over 40 for you to shop through. Happy trails to you!

thunderbird-black-tan-blue-ceramic-bolo-tie-v5   silver-turquoise-black-bird-totem-pole-bolo-tie-v3

geode-slice-rock-tan-beige-white-with-beige-cord-and-rock-aglets-v1   brown-black-clear-stone-on-brown-cord-bolo-tie-v5

silver-roadrunner-bolo-tie-with-black-cord-v2   carmel-and-brown-stone-on-chocolate-brown-cord-bolo-tie-v1

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